Tuesday, June 22, 2010

of cake and kee-kees...dogs, too.

this is the pineapple/cherry-upside-down-cake i made yesterday...
if only blogs allowed for smells...this baby wafted deliciousness throughout our house.  and while i am asking for my blog to do something more:  couldya clean that oven, please?  it's self-cleaning, but those fumes nearly make me croak, so if you can do that when i am not at home and without causing a fire, that'd be peachy!  thanks!

and the cake.  cooling on it's tray.  ready to be cut up and eaten after dinner!
and this is the dinner party that coincided with our family dinner tonight.
the buddies were having a very special reunion dinner.  you see, lil white kee-kee has been missing for the past day.  she could not be found.  wren retraced her steps.  the hubs cleaned up the entire basement.  i went throughout our entire room.  little sister...she, ummm?  i'm certain she helped in her own special way.  let's just leave it at that, okay?
aahhhh, how sweet it is to have a best bud-bud back!
and in excellent shape.  albeit a bit hungry.  but in good spirits!
and speaking of best buds...this is my lil sleepy-doo...ruby.
she sometimes likes to snuggle up to a bud-bud herself.
and for the record:  do not let those open eyes deceive you.  she IS asleep.  asleep enough to snore.
yup, our boston snores.  with her eyes open.
or closed.
she ain't picky.  she's a snorer.

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