Wednesday, June 16, 2010

my girl!

born 4 years ago...she came out a bit blue, but that didn't last too long (or so i am told...) and we named her after my husband's great aunt:

her middle name is after my mom:

not much gets by this little girl! 
and she does not forget much!
and she is amazing!
d.o.b. 06/16/06
loves (in no particular order):  daddy, wren, momma, ruby, puddy, parks, giggling, swinging,, snuggling, pink, books, movies, stuffies, snacks, root beer, dresses, stickers, paper dolls, puzzles, cookies, honey, mr. bilbo baggins, singing, snow white, ariel, barbie, tinkerbelle, fairies, dancing, tumbling, soccer, football, mythbusters, star trek, dora, imagination movers, curious george, garfield...
...and so much more!


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