Friday, July 16, 2010

lazy, lazy, lazy...

that's the word for this friday.

we were up a bit later than our "new school bedtime schedule" last night (due to celebrating a cousin birthday that included loads of delish desserts, whippy, and cherries - oh my!).

so this a.m. we are a bit slow to get going.  lethargic.  oh, no beating around the bush:  we.  are.  lazy.

as i type this i have bigger girl on my right side with her "kathy blanket" and kee-kee.

in the middle of my lap is little girl with our dog's fleecey blanket (dogger is over in front of the patio doors basking in the sunshine on an old quilt that little girl brought over to her...) and my llama, quincy, to whom she has taken over all primary and secondary care of.

and we are watching a couple of girl shows.  nothing on the agenda today.  except some cleaning (that we neglected yesterday while we swam, lunched, shopped and visited!).  oh, and then there is that whole "stack of paint cans" that are probably not going to put themselves on the walls, huh?  oh, and i am to make my "famous potater salad" for the cousin b-day bbq saturday evening.

i did get one coat on the bench for the foyer.  needs another.  and i think i have decided what color shall go where.  which was finalized when i returned to my favorite "oops" shelf and *sigh* the 2 big cans of "white truffle" were still there.  a sure sign they are meant for my home, right?

anyhoodles...we have a very busy weekend (daddy work project, big girl friend's b-day party, more cousin b-day partying, funday school , church, preparing for next week's vacation bible school bible story telling gig...and celebrating an anniversary).  but for now?  we shall continue our "all girl snuggle" for a bit longer.

until the girls' tummy growl and they insist on a snack. 

until then? 

cozy, comfy happy girls three are we!

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  1. Jodie - you have such a way with words ! Your blog is so fun to read ... and I love seeing those girls - even if they do look a little purple & blue .. I blame Quincy :) Bring them to work someday , before school starts - me & Kenny would love to see them !