Saturday, July 31, 2010


one sunny, lovely summer afternoon while my girls were doing this:
and this:
and trying to spy....
. . . this:
(yup, wren caught a butterfly moth in the net/holder thing that blew into our yard in june and no one has ever come to claim it...)

so while that was going on in the sunshine,
this was happening in the shade:
poor, overturned, brown bench, you say?
naugh, it's en route to be "happy"!  but first?
and sat up properly.
and those markings on the grass?  yea, nothing a mowing won't take care of!
besides, drop clothes are so over-rated.
so are protective gloves.  hey, it's fun to go places with primer, paint, stain, what-not all over your hands because you could not wash it off.  even if you had some lava soap.

don't be all acting like you do not know what lava soap is.
you do.  or at least you should.


this what a little of my time, a coat of primer, two coats of behr's "blue tequila" paint can do for a drab bench in desperate need of a make-over:
i have painted the lower half of the entryway wall...and had been struggling with what color to do the upper parts in. 
we have a very open floor plan and the entryway gives way to the stairway, to the living room, to hallway to the girls' rooms and the laundry room. so i need to choose a color that will not only coordinate with the "granite grey", but the "fern green" living room wall, and the leather sectional and chair, my ikea curtains AND eventually the kitchen around the corner.

it was daunting.
and i spent time online.
trolling paint sights that i could select colors and "paint" a room with my palette.
that was sorta helpful.
but do you know what was more helpful??

when the clouds parted and heavens sang!
or...when the lights of target shined and the voices in my head said "that's it!"
and it was.  is.
this little rug incorporates each of the colors that will occupy the entryway. 

AND it provided the upperwall neutral that will work throughout the rest o' our humble abode!
(my husband, at this juncture, would probably say, "i love it when a plan comes together.")
and another afternoon, only this one was rainy, and i decided to do something about the 5 colored tees i had purchased on clearance for wren.  each was a mere $0.75 (yeah, that's right:  seventy-five cents, babee!).  but alas, my 5 yr-old told me that she really does not prefer just plain shirts and that she probably would not wear them.  ummmm, ooo-kaaay...
so what is a momma to do?
put them away and hope that the younger sister will wear them?
(and risk hearing her say the same thing next summer??!!)
no way!
you go and
get fuzzy, cute kitten iron-ons!
that's right!
and with a warm, dry iron.
about 2 minutes per shirt of my time.
these previous $0.75 boring, plain tee shirts
suddenly become a-freakin'-dorable!
for about $1.34 each!
and the 5-yr-old who loves wearing them??

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