Monday, August 2, 2010

a day not for sissies...

oh, monday, monday.
all a bit tired.
that good ole middle-o-da-night thunderstorm disturbed everyone's sleep.  leaving me disturbed more this a.m.  because, unbeknownst to mr. stormy-mc-storm-storm:

we have an uber busy day!!

breakfast?  check!
conference call for my work?  check!
pool/play date scheduled?  check!
shower?  check!
bags packed for said pool/play date?  check!
girls dressed for a full day of business?  check!

so we were off!  first stop:  nea's 4-year-well-child-check-up.  she was so excited about being the center of our ped's attention and his nurse.  well, that is until our ped told her there'd be 2 shots at the end.  delightful.  although she is brave, she is a screamingly loud brave girl.  sigh.

so, one in each leg.  screams loud enough to scare the other poor people with monday appts half to death. and we were outta there!  oh - along with ballerina bubbles and 2 free kid's meals from applebee's.

and this is where the day has reached it's crest and is now on a downward slide.

nea is certain that she cannot walk.  and not a quiet certain.  so i hoist up her full 39# of unhappiness and try to get us to the lobby without much more of a "scene".  but, she decides that her skirt cannot touch her bandaids because it hurts too much and so we must re-position.  and then we must look at every. single. sticker. in. the. box. to make our decision.  sigh.  and then we are finally in the car.

since nea was the picked on one, she got to choose where to lunch:  applebee's.

again i must carry her.  after we order, we all need to use the restroom.  and i decide to utilize this bathroom trip to get us all sunscreened and suited up for the pool/play date.  it is technically wren's pool/playdate - meeting a little friend of hers from church at the pool to play together - and well, we are kinda a "package deal" so to speak.  so nea and i are going along.  it is in the applebee's bathroom that nea really crumbles.  pulling her pants will hurt.  no, she cannot possible change her clothing!  so i toss out the "well, if your legs hurt this much, honey, you won't be able to go swimming...besides you cannot have bandaids on you body in the pool - it's kinda yucky" (please remember those last 3 words later on in this here story, 'kay?!) and with that she decides she can change into her suit.  but that i cannot put sunscreen on her legs.  fine.  she is able to even walk back to the table.  until the 2 steps up to the section where our booth is.  sigh. 

luckily the rest of lunch goes well.  girls eat.  girls drink.  nothing is spilled!  i pay and we gather up our things to leave.  but when prompted to walk, nea crumbles.  imagine knees bent, trying to walk.  and alligator tears rolling down her cheeks.  and so i carry her.  and in the car i tell her that the bandaids will be removed in the car while in the pool's parking lot before we go in.  she has decided that she can swim, but that i will probably have to carry her into the pool.  sigh.

we travel to the pool to meet our friends.  oddly, the lot is empty at 2pm, when the pool was to open at 1:30pm.  and then there is a posterboard sign that is posted (sure wished i'd had my camera with me!):

"due to someone pooping in our pool,
we will attempt to open at 3pm today
trying to get chlorine levels down."

(okay, remember me telling nea that bandaids at the pool is yucky - pretty certain pooping in the pool totally trumps the bandaids!)

so after determining that a 3pm pool/play date really won't work for either of us mommies and we will have to reschedule, the girls and i travel on.

we get home and i, again, have to carry nea.  and she has spent the rest of the day scooting on her bottom to get around - because walking hurts too much.

it is tough being a four-year-old on shot day.

and on an entirely separate rant:
i want to personally thank the makers of barbie.
while i have "rules" about the girls attire/clothing selections (that includes certain body parts have to be covered, shirts must be long enough that when arms are extended above our head our tummies do not show, skirts and dresses must have shorts under them, no words on the bottoms of pants/shorts...those are the "big" ones...)...
i love that i have to try to explain to them about why don't barbie's pant go up far enough to cover her polka-dot panties and why her shirt isn't long enough and can she pretend go out in this outfit??  oh, did i mention that the outfit that the doll is dressed in initially is a super cute dress that covers all the parts that should be covered?  that it is the extra outfits that are well...

as my girls both said,
at least they understand the meaning of the word.
sure wish that barbie girl did.

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