Wednesday, August 11, 2010

laugh 'til something comes outta your nose

i like surfing.
the net.
not the ocean.
well, that's maybe not a true statement.
i have never surfed the ocean.
i might like it.


i enjoy blog-hopping.
trolling sites.
and occassionally i come across some really great ones.
the ones where these gals know how to get a room just so.
or, the writing is profound and thought provoking.
or, the ones where the writer shows you God in their photos.
or, the one with great tips and tricks to dyi-ing.
or, the one that makes me wanna have a beach house.  right smack dab in the middle of suburbia.  until i realized that although everthing starts out white, off-white, pale-est blues and yellows, with 2 littles, a dog and a furball?  yeah, splotches of browns and other what-not stains would quickly pilfer that image.

anyhoodles... new fave is this site:

and it did not hurt that my beloved
uppercase living "chore chart"
was highlighted one day not too long ago.  seriously, some of her entries?
let's just say i have almost needed a tissue a few times!

happy lol-ing! 

you're welcome!

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