Wednesday, August 18, 2010

independence day...

it is official:  she is a kindergartner!
asked for pancakes for breakfast.  and she got 'em!
one of my friends,
who's daughter is in my daughter's class,
told me she made it back to her car before she "lost it". 
i barely made it out of my car.

but i know she is ready.
she is confident.
she is excited.
she is ready.
and i am beyond proud.
a bit nostalgic...
it has been her & me since she was 16 months old. 
me & her & little sister.
us 3 girls have spent each day together.
and i will miss that.
i will miss her.
but when i picked her up
she told me
she had a great day
"i really, really, REALLY like my teacher!"
i knew it was going to be ok.

i am so proud and glad that in the last 5 years of parenting,
her daddy & i have already taught her so very much:

despite some tears and sadness today...
i was more proud than anything!
 wren in her 1st Day Of School outfit
(chosen entirely by her!)

little sister (also in an outfit she chose!)
& her kindergartner

the daddy & his kindergartner

the momma & her kindergartner

in line, ready to head in to her classroom!

wren and her teacher!

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