Monday, August 23, 2010

me & jennifer aniston...

so the past few days have not very good ones for miss aniston.

while out-n-about promoting her new movie "the switch",
(which i have had a couple friends say it was hy-freakin'-sterical, fyi)
she did & said some not so cool things.

first, there is bill o'reilly's rant about jennifer, calling the actress "destructive to our society."
for this comment she made:

"women are realizing more and more that you don't have to settle, they don't have to fiddle with a man to have that child.  they are realizing if it's that time in their life and they want this part, they can do it with or without that..."

mr. o'reilly said that she was sending a very poor message to 12 & 13-yr-olds...telling them that they do not need a man to have a baby.

first of all, if her statement was even heard by a 12 or 13-yr-old, i'd be surprised.  secondly, if there is a parent out there that is allowing their 12 or 13-yr-old to go see this movie "the switch" (which is rated pg-13) with a gaggle of same aged friends, then i think that our society has more problems than jennifer aniston's words.  just because a movie is rated pg-13 does not make it okay for every 13+ out there.  parents should be involved and knowledgeable about what their kids are watching.  i do not know how jennifer meant what she said.  i did not hear it first hand.  it really has no bearing on my own personal life.  but, i can tell you that for as long as there have been sperm-banks, there have been women utilizing their services.  and one could go so far to say that if no men were "making deposits" to this type of bank, there would be no women "withdrawing".  age old question:  which came first, the chicken or the egg, right?  and i step off the soapbox.  ahem.

now, for something else that jennifer said that is getting a ton of flak, i can (unfortunately) relate to:

while on "regis & kelly" she committed a huge faux pas by turning around in her chair and reading (to herself...) regis' cuecard.  and then admitted that was what she was doing.  kinda funny, actually.  i mean, really - does anyone really think anyone on tv doesn't use some type of cuecard?

but what happened next was an unfortunate poor choice of words:  regis was saying that during a photo shoot she was basically playing dress-up.  and jennifer responds with, "yes, i play dress-up!  i do it for a living, like a retard."  oh. no. she. di'n't?  but, yes.  she did.  she dropped the "r" word.  inappropriate?  absolutely.  relatable?  absolutely.  see, a couple weeks ago i was with a group of gals - some i know quite well.  others, not so much.  and as i was trying to do something i forgot a quite important "step" and upon realizing my error, said outloud, "i am such a retard!".  pretty much what jennifer said.  did you hear about it?  nope.  (no?  really?  you did not?)  was someone at the table with me potentially appalled?  probably.  was i embarrassed?  ummm, yeah!  that's is something that you say inside your head.  not something to let come out of your mouth!  i apologized.  and proceeded to internally flog myself (which, flogging is also not socially acceptable, right?  good thing i kept that one internal, eh?!).

what is my point?  that me and jennifer are destined to be bff's?  ummm, yeah, for sure.  i mean look at that photo?  how cute are we together??  okay:  hardly.  her & i have very little in common.  as 40-somethings we share some thing.  yes, she is aging a bit more gracefully, shall we say (heck she looks better at 40 than i did at 30, not gonna lie here...)?  but what we do share is this:  we are human.  and as humans, we make mistakes.  mine, luckily, have a much smaller audience and do not seem to have any type of "ripple-effect".  hers?  not so much.  because of her fame and celebrity status, she is held to a higher standard.  which to an extent she should be.  but, if society starts to live based on jennifer aniston and not based on our very own set of morals...then i for one will be even more disappointed.  one person, regardless of who they are, should not dictate how each of us should live our lives.  well, except for jesus.  but that is another post...and those who know me, know where i am going with that statement :)

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