Tuesday, August 17, 2010

'twas the night before kindergarten...

and she opened a little gift from momma & daddy.  a new book and a pouch for "lil white kee-kee".
and then she chose her "1st day of school outfit".
a pink dress that has ruffles she really loves.  and rainbow leggings.  she loves rainbows!
except for the shoes.  going to wait to see if it is sunny, she can wear her daisy sandals.  but if it is still rainy, she will wear new socks and her star tie-shoes.
and little sister chose her outfit for her "1st day of taking sister to school".
she thinks this might be her choice on her first day of preschool, too.
she was so proud of her choices that i just could not tell her it doesn't quite match.
over the weekend we decorated a pringles can.
we put her name on it.
she chose the stripey-rainbow paper.
 and butterflies!  and a "hello kitty" bow.  and some purple ribbon.
 and even more butterflies!  "whole bunches of colors...like a rainbow!" according to wren.
 and inside the can she was to put 2 important things...she chose a photo of "lil white kee-kee" and ISU pom-poms.  pom-poms made just the right size for that "lil white kee-kee".
then last night we all went to her school's open house/ice cream social.
a great opportunity to get her photo by the welcome banner just outside the main entrance.
 and she gave us the big tour of her school - she knew the way to her room without any help!  once in her room, she introduced her daddy to her teacher.  and she found the table where she would be sitting.
 and i needed to get a photo of my 3 favorite people!  too adorable, huh?!
 we took all her supplies (everything labeled...individual crayons and pencils and markers...erasers, white t-shirt, folders, gym shoes, kleenex, baggies, oh my!) and a blanket (made with a favorite auntie) and i had to make a "brag sheet".  well, the parents were to make it.  the size of a scrapbook-page.  decorated.  telling all about our kindergartner.  i chose a bit of a non-conventional design.  each family member chose their photo and gave me a quote about wren.  i had to take some liberties with the translation of the pets' quotes, but you get the idea, right?  i told wren that this would probably go above her cubby where she'll put her gym shoes and backpack.  and that as she passes through the hallway she can see photos of each of us.  she loved that!  her favorite quotes were ruby and puddy's.  she cracked up when i was reading them to her.

ahhh.  glad to have that all done!

yesterday us girls spent the day at a waterpark.  we went on the big-big slides.  we rode the waves in the wavepool.  we laughed.  we picniced.  we soaked up the sun and one last summer day together.  and today when we woke up to rain, we were so glad for yesterday!

this afternoon all 3 of girls piled into the momma & daddy's bed and enjoyed one last "all girls snuggle".  wren wanted to do that because "we won't be able to do that until saturday or sunday since i am in school other days".  it was the best nap ever!
tonight i made wren's favorite dinner...and dessert was some of gram's homemade applesauce!  delish!

and someone has requested pancakes for her breakfast for her 1st day of school. 
she is going to have the best first day ever!!

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  1. You are the best mom ever and so creative. I bet Wren had the best poster ever !