Thursday, August 12, 2010

inspiration to fruition

the picture on the far-right, below, was
"the inspiration"
but before i could "reveal" the results of this project,
i had to get some "mississippi mud" on the bare kitchen walls.
and the white-chalky island 1/2-wall.
and then i had to decide where to stop with the "mud" in our very open-floor-plan home.  not happy with my current choice.  but, need more "mud" to complete the southern kitch wall. 
but i digress.

and so, here it is:

"the fruition":
looks a bit lonely up there, huh?
not for long though, folks!
an old section of barnwood.
some uppercase living vinyl.
2 bulldog hangers on the back.
(and all the enamelware?  most was my grandmother's.)

fruition = happiness


  1. I so LOVE this! I need to visit your house now that you have done so much to it!! So cute and you are right up my alley with how you decorate! =Kelly Jo

  2. Awesome Job Jodie ! I am so into the comfortable way you decorate .