Tuesday, August 10, 2010

limey. fun.

i shall make these tomorrow.  yup.  i will.
i *heart* most things chock full of limey goodness.
a little something for a summer afternoon...

lime sugar cookies

these badboys (or girls?) need a couple of ingredients that i do not have on-hand.  like limes.  so when we go get ant traps.  yeah, ant traps.  those wee little turds seem to think that the hotness outside means they can scurve their way into my home.  oh. no. you. did. n't.  ant traps shall be end of those unwelcome visitors!
oh, and hubs needs toothpaste.  has enough for 1 more day.  i told him that we have like 10 travel-sized ones in a drawer.  either he did not hear me, or he was acting like he did not hear me.  yeah, none are the exact kind he currently has.  but they work.  right?
this is "the-week-before-my-entire-world-changes".  because, well, when my oldest goes to kindy-garten next week it is all about me, right?  (just kidding....really i am.  we'll both be fine.  eventually.) 
so we three girls are whood-dee-shoop-dee-ing it up. 
daytrip to the children's zoo so they could ride ponies, pet goats, feed llamas, cuddle up a rabbit and a rat...
sharing some sonic-happy-hour-deliciousness.
a swimming playdate.
another playdate.  but with a new classmate/friend.
"hydrant" party...fairly certain that nea is gonna "freak" when she is allowed to run in the water.  in the street.  oh.  my.
late-evening sight-seeing drive.
scones with an auntie.
a best friend's birthday party.

a visit to the children's museum.

splashing at a water park.
new school open house/ice cream social to get ready for the year.
and then finally.  "the day".  totally going to not let her see me cry.  seriously.  and i think she will be just peachy and big and brave and all things kindergarteny.  although she did tell me the other evening when i did tuck-in, tuck-in that she thought she might miss me during the day and that maybe she should have more than just saturday and sunday off.  hoy.  boy.
stayed tuned for more the "momma meltdown".  if that kinda thing interests you...

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