Tuesday, July 13, 2010

oops, i did it again...

no, this is not a brittney spears post.
no, it is not a late 90's post either.

it's about the "oops" shelf at one of my favorite diy stores.


the cans above would normally cost about $100...
i paid a mere $20...i love a deal.

but, a deal is only "good" if the colors are actually "good".  on the right is the color i thought i wanted in my kitchen between the counter and the cabinets and possibly above the cabinets.  it is called "island sand".  the color on the left is what i got today.  it is called "mississippi mud". 
eh, i probably won't even remember the name of the color 2 years from now!

above:  another splotch of "mississippi mud" in the kitchen.

and in the entryway i have a plan.  initially i wanted to do beadboard.  but that can get expensive.  so instead...i'm going an alternate route that will allow for 2 things:
1)  easier removal.  should i decide that is not a "look" i want in a couple years.  or, months?
2)  way, way less expensive.  both monetarily and in my time.

 i saw this photo of a kitchen in a gray and antique white that i fell in *heart* with:
and below is what i want to do in the entryway instead of beadboard:
here is the wall that i want to replicate in my entryway...
and now what color combo?  i have a bench and skinny table that are currently distressed dark brown and black respectively.  i want a gray &/or blue combo.  the trim and doors are an antique white.  (although i have toyed with painting the back of the front door a dark almost black color because of a fabulous photo of a foyer i saw.  awhile back.  and did not bookmark.  argh!  this is where you use your imagination, 'kay?!)

anyhoodles......the blue is a martha stewart color that is not as bright in real-life as it appears in the photo.  but it is not the blue i want.  the gray on the left is "granite grey"...and on the right is when i went all "mad scientist" and mixed some "granite grey" with some "celery ice"...might need to add that martha blue to warm it a bit......not fully sold on the any of these colors...some tweaking in needed...i want the grey on the bottom of the walls and the blue on the top.  or maybe i'll just accessorize with the blue on that bench and table...or...
below is in the girls' bathroom...you can barely see that "celery ice" (on the left)...and the mixed "granite grey" and "celery ice"...but i don't think that the grey is what i envision for the girls' bath...
and then there is this combo, still in the girls' bath...
"celery ice", "lovelace pink", "granite grey"

but, i'll make these colors each work.  somehow.  somewhere. 
and, yes, i'll post photos.

until then?
well...hubs gets to come home to a splotchy walled home.
ain't he the luckiest???

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