Tuesday, July 20, 2010

llamas & black-eyes...

this is quincy, the llama.
she was "adopted" by the daddy & wren one afternoon earlier this summer.
for me.
the momma.
the momma-llama.

but some adorable lil 4-yr-old
hijacked that llama.
what started as just one sleepover in her room,
has morphed into "i can only sweep when i have dat wama"
(that's linnea-speak for "i can only sleep when i have that llama")
quincy has gone to teeball games.
to the backyard pool.
and, apparently outer-space.
(sorry, quincy - i know this photo is humiliating...)
and even to a picnic last saturday.
and llama was there when linnea fell and clonked her right eye.
immediately swelled up.
luckily we had some ice packs in a cooler for our sodas & gatorade (it was, like, 500 degrees that day).

and, below is how the shiner looks today.
3 days later.
lovely shades of yellow.
poor little thing. 
with a jacked-up eye.

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