Thursday, February 5, 2009

an "as it were" moment

**warning! this one contains the topic of bras/boobs**
read on at your own risk...

i had some time to do a wee bit o' shopping last night - i was already out of the house to do an uppercase living install at a chrioproctic office and well, village point pavillion was on my way home, so...that's how i ended up at scheel's. to be precise, i really did need something from there: a couple weeks ago i purchased a new sports bra and it freakin' rocks! i went in with the thought that i had to have the one that oprah was hocking on her show...but truth be told, that one was so not worth $60! but this other one was on sale and is probably the most comfortable sports bra i have ever worn! plus it does not mush 'em together, but does a nice "lift" without the uni-boob appearance (hate that). so....back to last night. i decided that since this bra was on sale, that i should get another one (and a good thing, too, b/c this style that i recently fell in l-u-v with is now being discontinued...hmgphf!). and while i was at scheel's here are some other departments i got sucked into:
* little girls section: oh such cute sporty-girl stuff! my girls are dress-girls, so none of it would really be appreciated at this time. but, if they were or become sporty-girls, then i have scheel's filed away as a "go to" place! i did, however, purchase a new swimsuit for big sister. (will go back for one for lil sister next week - damn that new budget thing...see "resolutions" post for details). somehow 2 of each of the girls' swimsuits got washed with something dark and are a dingy greyish-purple yuck color. not that anyone at the y probably even cares, right? but still...
* shoes: could i not go there?!?! tried on the cutest keen's that were on deep-discount. too small. and i am now what i consider to be old enough to know that "cute" does not trump "fit". those did not come home with me. but there were a pair of sandles on the "clearance rack" that did get a new home in my closet. bring on that warm weather (of course, that will mean that i will have to remove the "pedicure" my daughers's gave me a couple days ago...see photo...not real pretty, unless you are 2 or 4 yrs old...both girls had to have a pic of their feet when they saw me take one of mine...of course i do not know how to add more than one pic to my blog).
...and my "as it were" moment:
*dr. martens: i had such a thing with these a few years back. what i call my "pre-k" era (pre-karl). i had 6 or so pairs. some fairly plain. some funky. all i loved dearly. then one day, i decided that perhaps i could venture into more feminine shoes. and they all got sold on eBay. sigh. then last night, on the clearance rack, in my size...softly muted floral docs! i picked them up and thought about how fun these would be with jeans or khakis. they were a mary-jane style. so then i started thinking about the funky socks that i could get to wear with them (me luvs a new pair of socks...). and then i gently placed them back on the shelf. softly patted the toe of each shoe. did not even try them on. instead, i gave a big *sigh* and let the docs stay where they my past.

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