Saturday, February 14, 2009


* when your daughters get so excited to make their daddy a valentine's day card and brownies! and then preparing a delicious home-made dinner for us at home...and even the littles liked the steak!

* when the *other* vet at the clinic is filling in for your usual vet (who is on a vacation) and the *other* vet is just as good as your own vet! especially when he even takes the time to let your 2-yr-old see where to scratch is on your dog's eye.

* when your dog comes running for her eye drops and antibiotic salve and does not even squirm when you put both in her eye 3 times/day.

* a tenderhearted 4-yr-old who is too worried about her doggie being hurt to be able to look at the scratch. and her telling you that she is glad that her doggie is going to be ok!

* the same tenderhearted 4-yr-old who tells you that when she grows up and lives in her own home she wants to get a kitten. and she will take really, really good care of the kitten. and name it Coco-Nut, after her stuffed kitten. and that she also wants a bunny. and his name will be chester.

* an all-girl snuggle in the brown chair on a tuesday morning when we are all sick. each choose a blanket and then we snuggle down. and watch a couple of shows.

* watching the sisters play together and listening to them pretend to have a big car race. the one not racing is the *"cheerleader" and yells loudly for the racer. adorable!

* having a job that you enjoy - whether it is being a sahm, or your home-sales business, or working part-time at an accounting firm. or all 3 of those.

* when YOUR cat has finally come around to wanting to hang out with YOU. and not just your husband. he's not even his cat anyways.

* watching your kids enjoy friendships. hearing them talk about their friends and knowing that they are learning in small bits about how to be a *good* friend.

* going to get a haircut. that includes a scalp massage. and wonderfully scented shampoo/conditioner. and *new* bangs.

* when husband goes to the grocery store and brings home some of your favorites, even when they were not on The List.

* when husband cleans up the entire basement when you take a nap on sunday afternoon.

* taking a nap during your kids' naptime.

* when the dog, or cat, snuggles up to you during a nap and flops down, gets comfy and then lets out a very satisfied (and loud) sigh!

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