Monday, February 2, 2009


she is 4 today.
she is beautiful, insightful, tender-hearted and has a big, bold laugh! she is an artist - both on paper and on the dance floor. she loves music, ballet dancing, swimming, singing along with the radio or a cd, doing projects and playing. she takes impeccaable care of her "buddies": mousey, coco-kiki, ardie-the-aardvark, lil gray kitter, pinkie, lil giraffe-moe, wilmer. she makes me proud every day. she loves butterflies, god, her little sister, her daddy, her momma, her dog belle, her cat puddy mcfluffkins. she is a hugger. she is intelligent, funny, sometimes clumsy, but always herself!
she is my wren.
and she is LOVED!

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  1. Happy Birthday to our friend, Wren! Mackenzie keeps wanting to know when she can celebrate with Wren! See you tomorrow!