Monday, February 9, 2009

"i know this much is true..." - wally lamb, author

not in any specific order...

* i am more than a number on the scale - yep, from that diet pill (or whatever it is) commercial. i became a "gym rat" in october 2008 and in the last 4 months the scale tells me that i have lost 10 pounds. which is very disheartening to someone who has way more than that to take off after 3 pregnancies! so, a better "judge of my weight loss" is this: 1) i can now fit into a pair of shorts that i have not been able to fit in since before my last pregnancy, 2) my favorite "pre-pregnancies" coat fits again!, and 3) my knees do not hurt as much as they used to! so, since i am doing a combo cardio/weights program, that explains the size change without a large actual weight change, right?!

** children's EARS are directly connected to their MOUTHS - yep, the minute i say something entirely dumb, stupid, inappropriate or (oh my world, nooooooo!) drop a very justified f-bomb...with in no time that same stinkin' word will drift out of their mouth! ikes!

*** regardless of how not good, yet not really bad, for me soda is, i will continue to consume it. diet coke. diet mountain dew. diet dr. pepper. diet pepsi. i show no prejudice. love 'em all people.

**** this etsy shop's adorable aprons are just about the cutest things i have seen in a very, very, very, very long time! check them out:

"take what people give you. drink their milkshakes. take their love." - wally lamb, author

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