Thursday, March 4, 2010

are vs. were

we are having sunshiney weather!
we are seeing naki digits...because i let the girls wear their sandals yesterday for awhile.  we were wondering if the sun and warm weather was ever going to come.  and now we are finally enjoying it for sure! (regardless of whether it is here for "good" or if there will be more cold, wintry weather...we don't much care!  we are in the "are" not "were", okay!!??!?!?!)
more naki toes...
even more naki digits...
and well, even more naki-ness...of toes...
and how about seeing them both.  in the sunshine.  in short sleeves.  and yep!  those naki digits!
linnea called me into her room. 
"and bing your camra, momma!  pleeeeeeze!"
she was so proud of how she had gotten all her bud-buds ready for their naptime.  this seems to help linnea get herself ready for naptime, too.  and yep, we are still nappers here.  or at least we have some afternoon "quiet & alone time" in their own rooms.  one always snoozes.  the other?  not so much.  but if there is no nap, there is early to bed.  because both need a good amount of shut-eye to function well the next day.  and well, i like to stick to the routine that works for us.  so, we are nappers here.

and we are enjoying some laughter in the midst of some quite serious & not-so-funny situations:

after spending a couple of hours at the e.r. a few days ago b/c the littlest of us thought putting a tiny teacup in her nose (when she was supposed to be napping...ahem...) was a good idea that went very wrong and led to a bunch of blood and some "quality time" at the hospital...when we drove by a billboard for methodist hospital she says, "MOMMA DAT IS DA HOPITAL WHERE DAT DOCTOR PICKED MY NOSE AT!".  most of that sentence is correct.  nose was picked.  by a doctor.  just not at that particular hospital.

driving to pick up our babysitter yesterday, bigger girl tells me that she needs to get out and fix her pants when we get to the sitter's house.  when i asked why, this is the response i received:


and then, of course, because copying is the best form of flattery, littlest decided that she, too, needed to fix her pants because, yep, you got it:  her "tooshie was crackin; out, too".

so...i guess it could be said that all 3 of us cracked up in one way or another yesterday. 

we larson girls

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