Thursday, March 11, 2010

that's what i love about thursdays...

craig morgan sings the song "what i love about sundays"...and he talks about going to church, being with family, enjoying some relaxation...and although we do love our sundays around is our thursdays that this momma loves the most!


because i schedule nothing on that day.  seriously...not.  a.  thing.  no preschool.  no appts.  no nothing.  mandatory nap time.  and there is a good reason for that:  the other days of the week we are going.  we have some place to be.  every morning.  between preschool.  bible study.  swim lessons.  tumbling.  church.  sunday school.  (shwooooo. makes me tired just to type all that!) 
we have been to the rose and enjoyed their production of "there's an alligator under my bed"...
the girls really like going to plays and musicals at the rose.
littest has been enjoying her tumbling class.  so much so that we may look into an actual gymnastics class.
big has been being her usual school-loving, buddy playing with self!  we have kindergarten round-up later this month and she is just about beyond excited.  me?  not so much.  i cannot wait to send my babe to school.  al day.  every day.  i promise i will try not to cry at the meeting.  i'll save that for the next day when she goes all by herself for an hour...
and, of course, we have apparently grown in the past few months.  busting the seams of our old swim suits.  so, new ones were needed for swim lessons.  and goggles, too.  some girls have assured me that the goggles will make them fast little swimmy fish.  even if it doesn't, they sure look cute trying, huh??!!
i was surprised that big did not choose a suit full of pink...but she loves the pretty flowers on this blue one AND that it is all "x"-y in the back...
littest went for the usual:  pink and hearts!  that's my girlie-girls.

aand wren has fallen in some deep love for her new phant-phant.  "pinky-ariel-phant-phant" is not only an adorable elephant, but!  she trupmets, giggles and blows lovey-dovey kisses.  almost too cute.  this was a late birthday gift from some friends and it has been a huge hit!  she has garnered the coveted snuggle spot right beside "lil white kee-kee".
and this is how our thursday is looking:
not that this thursday is without it's "stuff to do"...we have a couple desserts to make and a dance routine to practice for the preschool "talent show and dessert auction" tonight.  but at least we did not have to drive anywhere this morning in the fat, slushy, slickery snow. 

that's what i love about our thursdays...

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