Saturday, March 27, 2010


there are lots of jobs to do for two young ladies who are helping prepare for grandad & grandma's
"annual bull sale". 

there is helping gram make the "lemon supreme pie".  (gram had already baked up the apple, cherry and pumpkin pie.  rumor has it that some of the people come for the quality bulls that grandadraises, but others come just for gram's pie!)
crunching up pecan sandies for the crust is such a hard task, you see.  and there was some "quality control" too - tasting to make sure all the ingredients were of the utmost quality!
and then there is watching as gram mixes the cream cheese filling (hoping to get a beater to lick when she is done).
then, the biggest job:  getting the "lemonade stand" stocked and ready.  this is linnea mixing up the lemonade.
"what would you like?  der's wemonade, tea and toda," linnea says.
"that's lemonade, ice tea and soda," wren parrots.
and they did such a good job letting all the guests know the selection.  and reminding them about the pie at the next table.  they took their job quite seriously, too.
oh, and before the serving of drinks, they had to go outside and see what was occuring.  see what there was to see.  and, of course, try out a donut.  or two.  never too much sugar to be had at gram's!

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  1. Ok, so this post walked me down memory lane from 37 years ago when me and my cousins set up a lunch stand through an open window out to the backyard of my grandparents house when they were having a big yard sale. Good memories!