Wednesday, March 17, 2010

irish eyes are a'smilin'

that's about as irish as we are
we did all wear green today
and we had corned beef, cabbage and carrots last night
(b/c i am working it April 15th yet??!!)
and here is some utter randomness...

ruby, the lil dog
she enjoys story time almost as much as the girls.  all snuggled up with the daddy.  if ruby is not on one of ours laps, then we can find her snuggled up in our bed. (this would be pre-snuggled-down)
unless, of course, someone has left their circus up on the bed, in which case ruby will sit on her steps.  until it is moved.  all the way off the bed.  she is a bit persnickety.
but we love her anyways!
these are the girls' new rain boots.  wren had outgrown her old ones (and blew a hole in the sidewall...) and well, linnea made it clear that her "boy ones from a garage sale" were much better suited for doing farm work with grandpa james in a couple they both got a new pair, because who would argue with that logic?
except that you cannot trust a 5-yr-old to tell you the truth about theirs fitting well.  b/c if you do not check for yourself, momma, you will then become slightly annoyed when your 5-yr-old is walking all weird and dragging her feet.  well, truth be told?  yeah, she was just trying to keep her new boots on and not fall!  so, wren actually had 2 new pairs of boots (shhhh, don't tell the daddy) - one that is the right size and one to grown in to...
today at bible study there was an "adoption drive" to find homes for some poor lost sheep.  two came home with us.  because, well....what's one more stuffy?
i do try to at least wash off the big crumbs from their faces before leaving the house.  this is marker.  because not only was it fun to use the markers to color her noodle necklace, apparently she tasted it too.  please note:  the markers that are scented are maybe not such a good idea for littles...they think that if it smells like a pineapple, it will taste like one, too.  thank goodness for non-toxic marker, right?
the girls still have christmas cd's in their, yep, i finally decided it was time for some new cd's for them.  the company that sells these cd's has such a great concept (besides the obvious one...).  every cd has a 2nd cd that you can tear off and share!  so each of the girls have their own cd.  no deciding who gets it in who's room first.  and no "unauthorized duplication" being done.  and the girls are LOVING them!  linnea just came out to tell me:


i love how high-pitched her little voice gets when she is all excited!

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