Sunday, March 21, 2010

fast like a puma...

today after church and lunch at an actual restaurant...some members of our family needed new shoes.  the daddy needed new work shoes.  and since the store was having a "buy 1 get 2nd for 1/2-off", i took littlest to look at some shoes for spring running and soccer.  she only had a couple of requests.
pink and sparkles.

she has a couple of friends who have matching shoes and they are bright, lots of shades of pink and they light up.  but those aren't exactly soccer suitable.  so we compromised.  she got some pink.  she got some sparkles.  and the momma can now say things like:
  "you are fast like a puma!"
and she is quite proud of her new kicks!
the daddy's shoes had to be ordered, so i cannot post photos of his.  maybe at the end of the week when they arrive, okay?  his criteria was pink & sparkles, too "brown" and "not too casual". 

and so...since this is all about the's a photo of our patio door.  one of my sisters gave the girls some easter window clings (over 2 weeks ago...and they looked good for a few days...and then the girls got to playing with them...and well...) and there is just one wee bunny left.  and nea decided that the bunny needed some spring flowers to bounce through:
she made them out of some of the "bend-a-roos"...i love her creativity!

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