Tuesday, June 23, 2009

buh-bye diapers!

ahhhhh, the pure joy of success!
yes, that's right...linnea is fully potty-trained! no more diapers, except at nap and bed time. no more "accidents" that i have had to decipher if it was her or the dog. not fun. really not fun to blame the wrong one. so...she is a fancy-pants big girl, doing little dances in her underpant-es. and she is no longer "little sister". it is "bigger sister" (wren) and "big sister" (linnea).
what, you ask was "the thing" that did it? getting grounded from "horton hears a who" at grandma's. yep that's it. the girls have a dvd/tv in the room they sleep in at g&g's. and grams got them that dvd. and they l-u-v it. have to watch it before going to sleep - nap and bed time - regardless of what time they go to bed. they quote it. they simply adore it. linnea even named her camel stuffy/pillow from g&g "horton".

so, when she stood up during lunch one day and just peed all over and then in her innocent, sweet voice says, "that's okay...accidents happen" i decided that was it. so no horton. her sister got to go watch horton. linnea had to nap in gram's room. with me in there on the computer.

then she had to not pee on the floor or in her diaper while she was awake or no horton at bedtime.
it took some time.
and an aunt's company in the bathroom.
and a few glasses of momma-good-water.
and some juice.
and some lemonade.

but oh the J-O-Y of success!
so...she is all about doing her "business" and having a bit of "pivacy"...and then telling (and by telling i mean YELLING) anyone within hearing range that she just tinkled. or poopadoopa'd. (and that usually includes the number of poopadoopa's there are and do you want to see them...)
now i just need to decide what to do with all the $ we have from not having to buy diapers. new carpeting/flooring? ahhhhhh, joy for us all!

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