Thursday, June 25, 2009

if you tell a husband a story...

he will act like he is listening, but might actually hear what you are telling him.
"so, when i was in college there was a girl on my dorm floor, who was a midget, and not just a really, really short person, but a midget. anyways, she taped r.e.m.'s 'shiny, happy people' over & over & over & over & over & over again and then played that tape over & over & over & over & over & over again. i hate r.e.m. except their 'it's the end of the world' song'...oh! and the 'orange crush' song..." was my story. and it is a true story. seriously.
so...if you tell a husband a story, and you think he was not listening, then every time "sesame street" comes you will swear that husband has given extra $$ to netv or iptv to have the episode that r.e.m. is on and they sing "furry, happy, monsters" to the tune of their "shiny, happy people". and he will laugh. outloud. really loudly. and you will continue to h-a-t-e r.e.m. ("oh don't be can be glad...")
so...if you tell a husband a story, and you think he was not listening, and he knows that the r.e.m. guest spot on "sesame street" annoys you...and then you give him an ipod, and then you accidentally delete all of the music on his computer, and then he has to use the ipod to download as much of our music as possible back on to his computer, and that basically clears all music from the ipod, and so he has to re-download the music to the ipod AND re-do all his playlists...
...he will probably make a playlist just for you. that will not only include songs you really do like. and enjoy listening to. but it will also include songs that he knows, i mean really knows, you really, really dislike. and then he will tell you that he is sorry and "wanted to add more r.e.m. but i just had the one album...". just because he can. just because he thinks it was in "the vows"...
i still hate r.e.m.
only we don't use the word "hate in our home.
so i just really, really dislike them.

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  1. You know, if I could get PBS to create an episode with "Stand" by REM, it would be better...;-)