Wednesday, June 17, 2009

me, myself & IKEA!

i was given 30 minutes to go to ikea while we were in minneapolis. thirty minutes? what the? who can possibly cover the entire store in 30 minutes? well....i did. almost. we were there for not quite an hour. and i did not even check out the daycare (our offspring were happily traveling back to the farm with grams & gramps) or the restaurant or the "as is" warehouse. seriously! this place was h-u-g-e!

not only did i stay within my "time limit" (somewhat) but i even stayed within my budget! whoo-freakin'-whoooo!

and here are my lil treasures that came to nebraska with me: (2 of for each of the girls to have in their pink...what they have now named "buddy homes"...) (shouldda got 2 sets - wouldda saved the fights over "i get the pink one", "no i get the pink one this time"....sigh.....) (matches nothing in our bedroom...but it was just too stinkin' cute!)

okay...i got a few other things but that should give you an idea of my "retail therapy". ahhhhhhh.

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