Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hollywood fashion show invite!

if you are a reader of my blog and personally know know that i am not a "fashionista". if you have never seen me in real life: i am lucky most days to just make it outta the house with matching shoes and all the "non-public" body parts covered! even years of watching "what not to wear" has not helped me.

so....when i was invited to a "hollywood fashion show", i thought maybe i could learn a trick or two. then, when i found out that i got to blend in and rub elbows with some high-end photogs (aka the paparazzi!), i was almost nervous. but i thought i could handle it. and handle it i did! here are some of my favorite shots of a very new, up-n-coming model.

"to get this look": any type of princess pajamas; add a cloth napkin tied at around the waist; accessorize with a coordinating ballcap (precariously propped slightly to the side...) and finish with coordinating sunglasses. preferably all done monocromatically, and the wiast-sash being a contrasting color. pink and brown are caliente this season!

after a quick outfit change, she then came out to do her runway show! gorgeous!

although i was thinking that she was showing a bit too much "tooshie" and was hoping her mother wasn't at the show! for goodness sakes i am certain she would have gone right up on the runway and repositioned that!

another runway shot! stunning moves!
and then, she was done. no more cameras. no more pictures.

* yes, the model did herself dubbed this photo shoot a "hollywood fashion show"...not to be confused with her "dancing shows", or "singer shows", or "puppet shows", or "buddy shows", okay?!?!?!

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  1. Love it! Had our photos done last night w/Becky ... you HAVE to get out there. Oh my goodness she is awesome and the kids LOVED her ... seriously we had to stop Spencer from continuing to come up with his own poses, ha! Thanks for the idea my friend and I can tell you she'd take some amazing pics of those girls (and you two of course :))