Tuesday, June 30, 2009

dismembering a dinosaur

** please note that barney, nor dino, nor any other actual dinosaur, was injured **
this is what goes to end of the driveway to be taken away to a land far, far away...after one has spent 30 minutes deciding upon:

1) a method of dismembering

2) cleaning up the 1,467,899 shards of glass

3) killing one trespassing spider

sorry i did not take a "before" photo...but really? you do not need to see that ugliness. it was not pretty. functional? yes. pretty? no.
the above pile of crap began it's day as a relic of an entertainment center. my husband's dinosaur. it really is basically obsolete with the gaggle of awesomely huge flat screen, plasma, hd tv's that everyone has. everyone but us. but the dinosaur entertainment had to go somewhere. other than our basement. i was so over it. and ready for it to be...elsewhere! but, it was too big for me to haul it to goodwill in my car. and hand-me-ups wouldn't take another entertainment center. so....i began with the usual tools:

thinking that i'd drag the beast into the driveway and 'politely' undo screws and nails and other annoying hardware to take it apart. my drill's battery was dead. and when i did get it all plugged-in and charged enough to use...i did not have a small enough drill bit for the dumb little screws. so, i removed the glass door first. then promptly dropped in on the cement. hence the # 2 above. (in a few days when i am lamenting and bitching about a trip to the e.r. for one of us to have glass shards removed from a foot, or there is a flat tire on one of our vehicles...yep, we'll all remember that coordinated move on my part, huh?!) so....this became my tool of destruction, err i mean choice:

and oh she worked well! it is amazing what 5 minutes with this hammer can do to a laminate covered particle board dinosaur...dismembered. some screws popped out and some chunks of particle board flew and cobwebs floated away and it was loud. my warrior cries and the pounding. then a spider trespassed. and do not ever underestimate the "splat factor" of a small spider. gross. and not cool gross. just gross. i was already yelling, so my necessary "killing-a-spider-yelp" was not overly noted by any neighbors. I even saved 2 of the smaller doors to re-use (see below). i will spray paint then adhere some uppercase living vinyl to them...and whaa-laa - new home decor on the cheap!
this exercise was invigorating. exhilarating. and perfect for a tuesday morning. a couple more hours of garage purging and re-org...and husband can park in there again. oh happy day.

when i decided upon the "hammer mode" i almost went and got one of our ghetto-blasters, found some rap music, and went all gangsta on the dinosaur (ala "office space"). then i remembered that we are probably not moving in the real near future and that just might be a bit much for the neighborhood. if you are unsure as to what i am referencing...please click here. (warning: probably not suitable for ears under the age of 17...maybe not even under 25...but it is still comical muted.)

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