Wednesday, June 17, 2009

dear backyard & garden:

i want to apologize for non-attentiveness this spring. and warn you in advance, it will not improve as summer looms. i have not taken the time to care for you as i should. i wait too long between mowings. thus causing myself to have to bag all the clippings. and well, our 8+ year old mower just can't do the job of a windrower no matter how i try to make it. and those clippings? those get dumped on top of you, garden. which usually has some tomatoes, peppers, onions, carrots, cukes and sometimes volunteer potatoes. this year? volunteer thistles, nightshade, leftover (read = dead!) tomato plants, creeping ginny (not sure that is it's correct name...but i am sure that "rampant stupid vine" is not...) and a host of creepy-crawlers. oh, and please try not to be jealous of the rhubarb. in it's defense, it's been called a weed by many...but it really does make some kick-a** pie and bread. Oh, and those tomato plants in the containers on the deck? yeah, i still want my fresh, home-grown tomatoes for BLT's. i was just too busy (err l-a-z-y?) to till the garden and put 'em there. so, dear will continue to be too tall. then you will be various lengths due to my inability to mow you well. and garden? well...perhaps next year will be your year!
your owner

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  1. If you ever feel the need to get rid of some of your rhubarb I know a great recipe that I'd love to make. Depending on how much I get I could make a double batch.
    Just an idea.