Thursday, December 31, 2009


she was born on 06.16.2006 and we named her linnea.
she loves hair-doo-dads and bows.
she loves little things, like jingle bells.
she loves peeking outside to see where the daddy is.
she loves being on the top of a daddy pile.
she is sneaky. she is a schiester.
we call her "schi-mi"
(which is short for "schiester-miester")
she dresses properly for indoor,
pretend strawberry-picking.
and she enjoys having cheetos with gram.
in her biker helmet.
and snow white socks.
at the princess table.
and, now she has decided to change her birthday.
and name.
her birthday is now october 10th.
and her name is spelled "linneh".

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