Saturday, December 19, 2009

niceness counts

yesterday afternoon our doorbell rang. i was not expecting anyone. and through the window i did not recognize the man standing there holding a bouquet. as i opened the door, i assumed he was probably at the wrong house. new neighborhood, got the wrong house. it happens. instead, he said my name. yep, that bouquet was for me! and when i got a closer look...
it is cookies! cookies! COOKIES!
beautifully decorated christmas cookies!
the girls could not believe that cookies would come to our home like that - secretly, i admit i did not either! i read the card and they were sent by 3 gals i work with at the accounting firm. what a delightful and delicious house warming gift. wren told me this: "momma, those girls and boys at your accounting work sure can make good cookies! i love them!". so, as i often tell my girls (and i have it on their bathroom mirror):
"niceness counts" ~momma
(thank you, thank you, thank you christi, rhonda & stef!)

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