Tuesday, December 8, 2009

finding some merriment...

this is the girls on their last night at the "auntie kath & uncle rick" hotel. are they even on a bed, you ask? why, yes, yes they are. a bed with many, many, many well loved buddies (aka bud-buds). the lil honeys love their bud-buds!
our new home. my doctor has ordered 2 more weeks of no lifting. so...the big move in day? yeah, i got starbucks coffee. new flannel sheets for the girls' beds (correct sizes required 2 target stops...). a couple of christmas gifts checked off the list. picked up a couple of "thank you gifts" for puddy mcfluffkins "foster family" (amazing friends from church...who had girls and their girls' friends who fell in love with "pudikins"...and who completely understood when i needed to call to check on the furball - THANK YOU!!!!). got a diet dr. pepper with raspberry from sonic. went to my doctor's appt. and basically stayed out of the way of hubs and the friends who helped him (THANK YOU MIKE, GARY, JEFF & STEVE!!). and on my first morning in our new home, since i could not shovel any snow...i did a wee bit of christmas decorating. i think i shall enjoy this window box!

there is a "welcome" mat at the door...with, what else? yep, a reindeer! i believe the rest of the herd is in a friend's garage, so this may be the only one who makes if for christmas this year.

on sunday, my sisters, my brother's girlfriend, 3 of my nieces, my daughters and i all attended the final performance of the omaha theater ballet's "nutcracker". my girls were mesmerized! i just might have enjoyed watching them almost as much as the performance itself! each child was allowed to pick out an ornament, courtesy of an aunt. wren wants to be one of the butterflies when she is older. and linnea wants to be clara. i love my wee dancers!
and we made it to my hubs' grandparents for a visit. our girls love going to the farm, although it was way too cold to be outdoors...so, they sang some christmas carols for grandma and grandpa great. grandma made a wonderful lunch - ending with coffee and homemade pie made with peaches from their tree! deliciousness indeed! then the girls were able to talk grandma into reading their favorite storybook at her house...she happily obliged!

and while grandma and i were doing dishes, grandpa great said, "yes" when the girls asked if they could play with their nativity scene. i must've had on the "what-are-you-doing" look when i came in the living room because both girls' first words were: we asked grandpa great! so, mary enjoyed driving the ole international tractor, the wisemen had to go on a long walk, joseph told mary numerous times that it was his turn to drive. she finally let him.
and baby jesus was well taken care of!
and, here is grandma, grandpa, hubs, wren and linnea. a good time had by all!
so, we are having some merriment in the midst of "things"...such as warming of a can corn in a big plastic cup, using paper plates & plastic utensils, cutting a pizza with kitchen shears, drinking instant coffee, and wondering where some of our clothes are. and our toaster. the new refrigerator and dryer get delivered and installed on thursday and the second pod comes in a couple of days (after the blizzard ceases...and they can get the empty pod out of the driveway...) and that should fill in some of our missing things. and if it doesn't? i am certain that we can find a pizza place to deliver us a pepperoni with extra cheese.
perhaps i will get a photo of the tiny pink christmas tree that we have...our advent countdown...the first uppercase living expression i put up today (i had to do at least one...since the others will have to wait until i paint...)...hopefully you are finding some merriment, too!

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