Monday, December 14, 2009

the house we did not build

we did not contract to build our new home. someone else did, and then changed their minds. so, we now have a brand new home but did not have any of the choosing headaches. we like that. alot. so, here is the requested by some people:

this is what you see when you walk in the burgundy front door.
this is the coat closet to the right in the entry way.
this is the area that leads to the girls' rooms, their bathroom and the laundry room.
this is the girls's bathroom.
this is wren's room. before she was told to straighten up. probably should've waited to snap the pic, huh? oh well...she was having some fun. we are hoping to have her headboard/footboard soon. and light pink (benjamin moore's "authentic pink") painted on her walls in the next few days. and i heard a rumor that santa might be bringing her some butterflies for her room...
linnea's equally untidy room. see above about the straightening up. and paint. hoping to find the bunkbeds' hardware to put them together soon. very soon.
the laundry room. recently painted "beach glass"...a very soft blue with gray undertones. should evoke a relaxing spa-like feel to encourage me to do more laundry. of course, finally getting the new dryer delivered and installed might also do that. tomorrow. tomorrow it should arrive. barring problems with weather. or me being gone picking my child up from school when they arrive. tomorrow.
the living room. where we watch "imagination movers". and "yes deal, no deal" (according to linnea...). and football, as shown in the photo. also where many dance recitals have already been performed.
the kitchen. hoping to get it organized and tidy soon, too.
of course, it will help to have a refrigerator in the kitchen. and not just the ole cruddy one in the garage. tomorrow on that appliance, too. if all goes as planned.
part of the basement.
other end of the basement (it is h-u-g-e!). no more toys in the living room, wha?? yeah, that's right! banished to the basement!
so there you go! mi casa, es su casa.

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  1. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the new house! It's also good to know MY four year old isn't the only one to make herself "pretty" while alone in the bathroom. :)