Tuesday, December 29, 2009

there is no business like snow business...

the great christmas blizzard of 2009.
began on the afternoon of christmas eve. continued off-n-on through december 26th. changed many people's plans. but not ours. christmas eve and christmas morning are for us alone. but we did encounter some cabin fever. in various degrees. so we bundled 'em and went out! and it was sooooooooo worth it!
in our driveway with the daddy.
wren trekking up "the mountain".
embarking together. happy sisters.
and then falling down together.
onward in the snow!
"we're the king of castle and you're little rascals"
to the top: take two, nea!
to the backyard with the daddy and the shovel.
"hey, don't forget me!"
for wren, happiness is a pink coat and some snow!
for linnea, happiness is her fluffer-white coat and snow!
our snow angels!
we "heart" snow!
"aaaayyyy-eeeeeks! it is snowing again!"
...ummm, no, that is just the daddy throwing snow on 'em!
the daddy, nea and wren!

yep, no business like snow business! although it doesn't come without some issues,
i cannot image not having snow...especially at christmas time.
although i would probably be okay if we were to have "the great thaw of january 2010" later this week......

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