Wednesday, April 8, 2009


yesterday was such a good day! i did miss having hubs be able to go to lunch with us girls, but i am thankful for his job change last august (even if he is DTO now instead of just a few blocks from home)! the girls & i ran a couple errands (mailing uppercase living orders & some banking), went to the bookstore and got 3 (yep, three!) new books and Easter Basket books for the girls...and then lunch at our traditional birthday place: red robin! ah...good day! i did go into work last night, but even that was okay! they surprised me with a yummy ice cream cake...and then when i got home...another surprise: hubs and the lils CLEANED UP THE LIVING ROOM, KITCHEN, BATHROOM & GIRLS' BEDROOMS! i had asked hubs to just have the girls pick up their toys since we have our babysitter, kristyn (who my littles L-U-V! she is awesome!!), comes this afternoon...he went above and beyond!
a few days ago i had a couple minutes to myself and beelined it to one of my fave fabric stores. i am feeling the urge to sew (after tax season of course!). so i got some swatches to make fresh-springy pillows for our couch/living room and each of bedrooms! i will post a photo of my purchases another day! this leads me to a fabu site that i have fallen in complete unabashed love with: i think i must have the "cottontail toile"...since it has 2 of my faves: toile & whimsy! the only thing that could totally make me nearly faint would be if it were damask! i found this site through blog-hopping and ventured on a new blog that i will stalking, err i mean stopping by, on a daily basis from now on!
(and it doesn't hurt that she too does accounting AND is creative, can happen!)
oh, the photo? some of my birthday loot!
oh, the title? yeah, sometimes i need to remind myself that contentment does not always lie in big, amazing moments but in the tiny, seemingly ordinary, real-life ones!

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