Wednesday, April 15, 2009


i generally do not get all "hallmarky" about holidays...hubs & i do not get one another extravagant gifts or go overboard for birthdays, christmas, or any other holiday - real or hallmark. really do think that this necklace would be a perfect sentiment of love for me from my favorite husband and daughters for mother's day:
of course, i would want it to be me "momma",
because that is who i am to the girls...
this really needs to be at home around my neck.
i found out all about lisa leonard's hand-made jewelry on this blog . . .


  1. When the bill comes for my new necklace and Matt asks .. I am going to blame you old friend,ha! Loved catching up on you life - really we should get together soon + I "need" to order some UL stuff. :)

  2. Hi Jodi! You're the big winner of my Javis Davis giveaway!!! Come on over and claim your prize! And many thanks for entering. :-)