Sunday, April 19, 2009

the curse of the momma-good-water

when i was pregnant, both times, i got completely addicted to carbonated flavored water. my first fave was key lime. then it was mandarin orange. i drank and drank and drank and drank and drank this yummy water! i loved it for the carbonation and that even if it got warm i still loved it. warm caffeine-free soda just didn't do it for me. i also loved that if i knocked over a bottle of it, it was just water and there was no stain, no sticky, just wet.

after having the girls, i remained firmly addicted. but as any good addict/mother would/should do, i did wait to introduce my girls to the tongue-tingling joy for quite a few months. but once introduced, it was the nectar of the gods to each of them in time. they too loved the water. in fact, it soon became known as "Momma Good Water". not that i ever called *regular* water bad or anything. but momma-good-water it was. and is.

so a few months ago we (the momma and daddy) decided that perhaps going through 4-6 large bottles/day between us 3 girls was perhaps a bit much on the Budget. and so the weening process began. it was bad. see, the girls love the momma-good-water. so we had to try to sell 'em on tap water. it quickly became "delicious & refreshing tappity-tap water". and within a few days we had the girls down to the new routine of having momma-good-water only at naptime and bedtime. recently we cut out the naptime serving. so it is just at bedtime. and if we run out, it is not good. it is a very, very, very bad thing. even teasing about being out of the stuff can send the girls into a loud hissy-fit (such was the case as i was typing this and littlest came to ask me for some...and i said we were out...she did not like that answer! luckily i have a stash - what good addict doesn't?!).

our oldest rarely drinks her cupful of momma-good-water. our youngest drinks it as if it were a guzzling contest, burps and begs for more! to which she gets the delicious & refreshing tappity-tap water. not always happily received by her. she then in the morning will sneak into big sister's room and take her leftover momma-good-water and drink it before big sister catches her. she delights in her sneakiness at obtaining the momma-good-water!

there are worse things to be addicted to, although i have a hard time convincing my husband of this at times. he does not like the momma-good-water. at all. there will never be a "green eggs & ham" moment for him with it.

so our latest attempt at a conquest of an addiction? bedtime snacks.

wish us luck.

and Godspeed.

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