Monday, April 6, 2009

p.j. monday!

when i first started my current job, domestic engineer at larson inc., i had "p.j. mondays". the girls & i would stay in our jammies all day. unless someone spit-up or had a blowout and had to be changed. we stayed home. we snuggled. we watched some shows. it has been a long time since we had a monday like that. but, i remedied that TODAY! nea has put a different dress, because she got syrup on her jams. otherwise, we are still in jammies. hair has not been combed. two pots of coffee later...we are having a great "p.j. monday"! and after our weekend...we needed this day!

wren had her first dance recital last night. she was so very, very, very, very, very excited. and i do not use those FIVE "very's" lightly! she loved her kittycat costume (even though it had no pink, other than her tights). she loved her kittycat ears (even though it was a headband bobby-pinned to the hilt!)! she loved that i polished her toenails a pretty pink (her class does not require ballet they had naki-toes!). she even loved the make-up (which was very theatrical...bright lips, eyeliner, "twiggies" under her eyes, mascara)! she loved that her hair was pulled into a bun...just like the big girl ballerinas! and she especially loved the the daddy, the lil sister, the cousin, and three aunties came to see her dance on the big, bright stage at the rose theater downtown!

there were 4 kittycats in wren's group. three were a bit scared and unsure of what to do. one was not. she ran out onto the stage. she was exuberant. she did the routine (no, absolutely not flawless...but "lead" the others!) and those kitties got the most laughs and applause! all of wren's guests were in tears from our laughter! i was so very proud of my wren!

and, the best part?! she got to do the dance TWICE last night! unfortunately there were some sound issues...and after the first 5 routines, miss robin came out, apologized and stated there would be 15 minute intermission and then they would be starting THE ENTIRE RECITAL OVER FROM THE BEGINNING! and the 2nd kittycat performance...the other 3 kitties did much better...and wren did really, really well...again! she got flowers from the daddy, the lil sister and an auntie!

we went out to eat afterwards to celebrate and had a delicious dinner and dessert with aunties and a cousin!

wren asked me on our way home when her next recital will be...she was a bit disappointed it will a year! but i told her that she can continue dance classes this summer...and even do some drama/acting classes if she wants in the fall. she LOVED that idea!

okay...we are off to have lunch, read wren's new book "do princesses wear hiking boots" ( a dance recital celebration from another auntie!) and then snuggle down to our afternoon snoozers (yep, momma, too!).

hope your monday is as relaxing and good as ours!

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