Wednesday, April 22, 2009

winner, winner, chicken dinner

so....i enter a bloggers' giveaways. quite a few. but only for really, cool stuff. not crappy things. and so...i freakin' won. yep. won. me. yeah! me! and here is what i'm-a-gettin':
basically, something else for the girls to fight over. so...instead of going with the whimsical bunny toile, i chose fabric to match the living room (i know, some of you are asking, "match it to what?!" i'm right here. no need to yell, okay?) in order to make the "snuggle set" a "brown chair" exclusive. it's not enough that the girls bicker about which of my legs they get to snuggle up on. nope. now i'm gonna add a "snuggle set" to the equation. but there will be no trips to either girl's bedroom. i repeat: not trips to either bedroom. maybe my own bedroom, but not my offsprings', okay?! that outta last, oh ummm? a day. are the fabrics i chose (after spending a couple hours online scrolling around):
(tell me that you could've resisted the :butter fluff"? really? could you have? i thought not!)
title of this blog? yeah...i have no clue what teeny-bopper show it is from, but a mom of a almost double-digiter said this to me when i was telling her about entering blog giveaways. i am almost certain that she was making fun of me.
no. i. AM. certain.

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