Wednesday, April 29, 2009

spring cleaning!

* warning *
please be sure that your "sarcasm alert awareness" button is engaged. the (*) will notify of severe sarcasm throughout this notation, okay?!
so, yup. it is time for spring cleaning. i really am excited. seriously. cannot even keep my socks on i am jumping for such joy. (*)
i started a couple weeks ago. in the kitchen. got the inside of the windows washed. was going to borrow a ladder to do the outsides. then husband informed me that the windows flip in to clean to outside. really? (*) yeeeahhhh...lived here almost 6 years. never told me that before.
now i am going to tackle the basement. which is just 2 rooms. sounds simple, huh? not so much. one big room...which is the "jodi's home office", "karl's home office", "kids' playroom", "storage room" and "tv room". the other room is our laundry room. occupancy 1 person and 1 cat. yep, laundry room/litterbox room. so...i was going to post a "before" photo, but then i decided that no one really needs to have that visual seared into their retinas. and i do not need a visit from cps (and i can guarantee that having a close relative that works for the state, in cps, would not help things go "well"). and well...those of you who are currently my friends and think i am organized and all of that would probably become not my friends upon realizing that my basement is the equivalent of "monica's closet" (of you do not get that reference, please click here). (*) i am off to clean. heigh-ho, heigh-ho...whistling whilst i work. don't you all be hating on me now, okay? if you want to see the basement, come on over. but beware: you will be helping.

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