Monday, April 12, 2010

al fresco

al·fres·co (l-frsk);
adv. - in the fresh air; outdoors: dining alfresco.

adj. - taking place outdoors; outdoor: an alfresco conference.

[Italian al fresco, in the fresh (air) : al, in the (a, to, in from Latin ad; see ad- + il, the from Latin ille; see al-1 in Indo-European roots) + fresco, fresh.]

springtime soccer

(someone got a bit chilled one of the days watching big sister play...of course, had she worn what she was supposed to and not a tank top, that might have helped.  she sneaked the t-shirt that was laid out and told the daddy that the tank top was what the momma had put out for her to wear.  she is sneaky like that.)

springtime picnic

(two of our family members did not enjoy being left out of the is tough being furry.)

springtime arts-n-crafts

and this? 
a fun rainbow & clouds that wren made at school. 
just makes me smile!

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