Tuesday, April 27, 2010

tweet, tweet

this is the window box on the front of our home.  and often when i am taking the pooch out to do her "business" there is this bird that zips out from underneath.  (yes, we allow our dog to do "business" in the front yard...why?  well....when we got her from the rescue group it was in january...during the below zero weather and heaps upon heaps of snow...so, getting down a flight of stairs to the backyard just was not going to happen, for the pooch or us humans.  oh, and we had to teach ruby how to go down & up stairs...so the front yard it is....but the girls get to earn some $$ each week picking up the "business"...)...anyhoodles...
earlier today it happened again.  and as i was telling that bird, "oh you better not build a nest in there, birdie..." i lifted up the fake greenery and found this:
not only had that mommy bird built a nest, she'd laid eggs there and hatched them!
so, i guess we have some new pets.  until they get big enough to fly, fly, fly away. 

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