Friday, April 16, 2010


the other day, while waiting for our pre-schoolers to get out, some other moms were talking about their hostas, and daffodils, and pansies, and other plants starting to burst through the dirt.  it made me kinda sad.

you see, we have grass.  errr, maybe green sod is more accurate?  since you can see the striping of where the rolls were placed.  now don't get me wrong, i love our new yard.  but it's naked.  no peony bush to check for buds.  no hydrangea to see if any green shoots have popped out.  no spring rhubarb to make some deliciousness with.  nothing.  we got a deck and some grass.  no trees to watch green up.  no tilled garden spot to plan the rows of. 

nea & i went to a local nursery a couple days ago.  there were some gorgeous lilac bushes.  and flowers.  pretty, pretty flowers.  but they did not have a particular plant i was looking for so we left after taking a lengthy tour of all the prettiness.  and nea got "buzzed" by a bee.  scared her into hysterics.  poor thing.  she has told me that we cannot ever (and she means E.V.E.R.) go back there.  i am fairly certain that any other nursery we go to she will not want to be there.  for fear of a bee flying near us.  hopefully this will not traumatize her into not being able to wear her bee costume for her dance recital next month.  that would be a shame.

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