Thursday, April 8, 2010

new kicks!

i like shoes.

especially tennis shoes (which, by the way, i do not play,but calling them "running shoes" would be odd, too, since i do not do that, either, i guess i could call them "workout shoes"...but that is not as...ummm? cute?)
anyways...i digress.

recently, baby needed new shoes...and we got nea a pair of pumas for her to run and soccer and play in.  she loves them! 

karl prefers either reebok or new balance for his feet.

wren has a pair of nikes.  pink, of course.

and i have toggled between aesics and nikes.

until today.  well, actually, until this past monday.

i got myself a pair of pumas on monday.  and totally love 'em!  they are light!  they have great arch support!  and they are my new faves!  plus they were $10-$20 less than the aesic and nike styles i liked.  they are not pink.  nor are they sparkley.  i guess one could say i wanted to be just like my nea. case i thought i made a mistake by not sticking to my good ole faithful nike i received my answer:

nike's latest ad featuring tiger is pathetic.  digusting.  and completely inappropriate.  and i think i might be done with nike for a while.

without going into great depth of my own personal feeling about tiger, i will merely say this:

tiger became a spokes person for nike because of his amazing athletic ability on the golf course.  nike should've kept on topic.

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