Tuesday, April 13, 2010

first soccer game...ever

(i was unable to attend wren's first soccer game...so the daddy took some action shots for me to *see* how it all went.  and for the record:  wren did not have a jersey...no other reason for her being the only one in pink)
pre-game peptalk
taking the field
sizing up the competition
game on
wren defending the goal
a bit of a timeout
shaking hands and "good game"-ing that other team
after that it was snacktime!  wren was responsible for snacks and chose chewy granola bars and peanut-butter-crackers ("just like a peanut butter sandwich only with CRACKERS not bread, momma!")...it is truly the little things...
this is what you get when trying to take a picture and getting distracted by a certain 3-yr-old.

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