Thursday, April 22, 2010


so, for my birthday my best friend (since 1975) got us tickets to the indigo girls last sunday at the rococco theatre in lincoln.  we went to dinner.  we walked a few blocks to the venue.  i was instantly taken back to the years i spent in lincoln.  times spent in downtown lincoln.  although there have been many changes in the past 8 years, the feel, the vibe, the remains.

the indigo girls have been around since the late 80's.  they are an american folk rock duo, consisting of amy ray and emily saliers.  the have had a few of their songs played on mainstream radio:  closer to fine, least complicated, galileo, shaming the sun...and although those songs are great.  some of their more obscure, not radio-played songs are their best.  they have a flair for writing lyrics that cross boundaries, that play homage to topics that are relevant and important...not just to them, but also to their audience.  and to people in general.  sometimes they have a bit of history, or political, or social stance within their words.  but not over-the-top.  not to a point that their music is "exclusive" to a particular group of people.  and although their cd's are beautifully done and just a good hear and see them live?  A-FREAKIN'-MAZING!

amy & emily came on stage.  each dressed casually.  comfortably.  and each had a guitar.  no background singers.  no drums.  no horns.  no winds.   no pyrotechnics.  no huge number of "people" helping to "make it happen".  it was amy & emily, a sound-guy and their "guitar gal" (who brought out the guitars for each song...).  just guitars.  and their amazing voices.  the harmonizing is fabulous.  and that was it.  voices and guitars.  an occasional mandolin.  an occasional harmonica.  but otherwise:  voices & guitars.  they changed out guitars after every song.  they connected with their audience.  it wasn't them on-stage or above us.  they were part of us.  they sang.  they played.  they chatted a bit.  emily admitted that she forgot the lyrics of one of the songs...and she just threw in a "laaalaalaa..." and amy laughed and said that when that happens to emily, she (amy) just assumes that she (amy) is off and then she (amy) doesn't know if she should sing the words she thinks are right or if she should "laalaalaa...".  very funny.  very human.  very just 2 gals and their guitars playing their music for us!  they thanked us after every song.  amy with her usual "thanks y'all" and emily soft "thank you".  they appreciated that we were so enjoying their music.  they played their guitars...broke a few strings...they sang...and it was beautiful.  just plain awesome.  i think i love their music more with it just being guitars and vocal chords.  no drums.  no background.  nothing else.


it was A-FREAKIN'-MAZING!  and the next time they are within driving distance...i think that my best friend & i shall be road-trippin'.  until then?  well...they are doing a christmas album...wonder what i should get sherri for christmas this year??  hmmmmmmmmm.....

for your listening pleasure:

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