Thursday, April 15, 2010

it's the end of the world as we know it and i feel fine...

well, just the world of this momma working outside the home during tax season.  you see, today is april 15th.  and last night was my last night of work.  i am done with the 3-nights/week & saturdays work schedule.  i am officially unemployed.  until probably january 2011. 

we, being the girls & i, are quite happy about this.  no more momma gone at night (well, unless i am doing an uppercase living show...or need "momma alone time"...).  no more momma getting home way past bedtime (the girls' and the momma's).  no more sad lil pupster because the momma is not home. 

i will now have the time to get the storage room unpacked and organized.  have the time to get the rest of our things out of storage.  get some estimates on window blinds.  and landscaping.  and do some more painting.  maybe even build some shelves and seating in the "playroom" section of the basement. 

oh the list is lengthy. 

so, perhaps today will be a day of rest. 
and a walk with the dog and kids. 
and some good ole snuggle time.
maybe a nap during potential afternoon rainshowers.
maybe some dr. phil.

tomorrow the checking off of the "to-do's" shall begin.

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