Monday, January 26, 2009

the *annoy-o-meter* is buried!

so it is monday, monday, monday. normally a "no big deal day" for us. but with a couple inches of snow, we are not going anywhere. well, i will venture out later to pick up a stamp set & go to scrap-class, but totally "sans girls".

as i titled this, the *annoy-o-meter* is in "dukes of hazard driving too fast buried speedometer" (coo coo) is what all has me chapped. today. and not necessarily in any particular order. hmphfgh!

* t.v. stayed up way too late last night, watching way too many back-to-back episodes of perhaps the most mind-numbingly annoying show & cast of people E-V-E-R. that is 2.5 hours of my life i can never get back. "train wreck tv" is so annoying.

* coffee...i brewed the last of my yummy dunn bros. and only have enough of the yummy jamaican brew (that hubs' aunts gave me for helping to dog sit for them...while they cruised) for one (1!) pot and i really, really, really, really want it. now. but am trying to have some self-control. i mean i can easily brew up some maxwell house and be okay. but i really, really, really, really want yummy.

* "sid the science kid". well, actually it is his friends. i really need to not let my girls watch this show anymore. i feel like i have been poked in the ear until it bleeds with the voices of these kids. seriously. are there boo bandages, errr, i mean band-aids (i really am a grown-up, i think?) for internal ear bleeding?

* the cat. who seems to think that he is supposed to walk on my desk, right in front of the computer moniter. all this morning.

* time. seriously? how did it get to be 11:00am and i really have nothing to show for my monday morning besides one clean closet (don't get all "atta girl" with me, b/c it is the linen closet that merely houses the ironing board, iron, light bulbs and the vacuum & it's accessories. whoo-hoo....slow down with your organizing/cleaning self, huh?!). well, i have done some "work". and i did find an adorable stamp set for making valentine's for the girls to give. and i have caught up on the blogs i read. and the girls and i have made some fabulous pictures with crayons and sparkley pom-poms. but really. seriously.

* our garage door. everyone (and by *everyone* i mean ME, THE GIRLS, THE LIL DOG AND THE CAT) was still asleep at 7:08am when hubs opened the door to go to work. does it everyday. but this a.m. i was hoping for some sleeping in b/c of "no nap" sunday. now it's just "no luck monday".

* pet owners who should not have pets. if you cannot properly take care of your pet, you should not be allowed to have one. and i believe that the humane society fully backs this. so, if i see our neighbor's pet tethered to the back end of the yard, again, laying in the snow, for more than 15 minutes, i am calling. again. the article in the paper last week stated the no dog is allowed to be tethered for over 15 minutes without supervision by an adult of 18 yrs or older. this type of *activity* can cause dogs to become mean. really? so...despite that, i do like the neighbors. and i think they are reasonably smart people, they just do not know how to properly take care of a dog! seriously. there are kennels for large-breed dogs. there are really nice pillows for said kennels. and with, again, proper training, dogs l-u-v their kennels...they become their own little "cave". okay...i need to move on. you get the point, right?! but i will continue to stand behind this statement: if people cannot take care of their kids or pets they should not have either.

* husband who change the wallpaper of the computer. no warning. so that photo at the top of my rant is what i see right off the bat this a.m. when i turn on the 17" screen. really? how annoying is that?!?!?! (retorical question, 'kay)
* hubs, again. i *accused* him of hugging someone who was wearing "old lady perfume" yesterday. i was not annoyed that he might hug someone. just that the someone left behind their "old lady perfume" smell on him. yeah...l o n g d r a w n o u t y eee aaa h...see, it was the cologne he chose to wear yesterday. which is the cologne that i gave him. i picked out for him. i (apparently at some point?) must have thought smelt (yes, i know that ain't spelled right...) good. sometime. just not yesterday. seriously stinky stuff. i just smelt the cologne bottle whilst i was in the bathroom "on other business" which when i saw the cologne bottle it reminded me of my annoyance yesterday. and, yeah. THAT was the "old lady perfume" smell. ey-yi-yi. so i think i shall recommend that he wear that to his workplace. every single day of work. monday thru friday.

* me. i have thoroughly annoyed myself at this point. really. shouldn't there be something of more substance to be annoyed about? hmfph! and double-hmfph!!

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