Thursday, January 22, 2009

boring...sigh almost 4-yr-old (& her 2.5-yr-old sister) really, really like "The Imagination Movers" on the disney channel. but i might not let them watch it any's why:

i am getting dressed the other day. i had chosen jeans, a dark brown t-shirt, and then was going to wear my aqua-blu vest (& planned to wear my rockabilly, kick@** steve madden boots!). after i got on my t-shirt, the almost 4-yr-old says:

"momma, you look just like mr. nickknocks from ""The Imagination Movers"! he just loves boring things and brown shirts, too!"

note to husband: apparently our budget will need to have a larger "momma clothing allowance", as i think i will need to *add* to my resolutions: become a cool & hip momma, not just boring ole momma. sigh...

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