Wednesday, January 14, 2009

how 'bout them resolutions?

i thought i ought to "check in" on my progress on the resolutions that i have for 2009:

1) workout/exercise more: "CHECK" - still good! still swimming a few times each week with the littles. still working out 3-5 x's each week - and am setting goals for each workout. to burn "x-amount" of calories in less time, for example.

2) less soda, more water: ummmm, so does brewing coffee with WATER count as drinking more water? it is crazy cold lately & i have been having a couple cups of coffee in the a.m. and late afternoon...i am thinking that i have to admit to "no check" on this one. rats!

3) budget: "CHECK" - continuing to work with hubs on this one. cutting back in areas is actually feeling good, not easy, but good. there are *things* we want our money to do, so this is really a good thing!

4) tidier home: partial-CHECK...i have taken down the christmas tree & other decor...& i have found that i really can organize...& i really do love to rearrange our living areas...but TIDY? not so much. but i am not only trying, but vowing, to make it happen!!! (seriously!)

5) become more faithful & graceful in my walk with God: work-in-progress...i think i get little checks here & there. this is the hardest one for me. i have always been spiritual, in my own private ways. but i enjoy church and the volunteering that i do there. i sometimes struggle with my "whys"...and it is such a personal thing to delve into this. but i am praying more and working on being a better wife, mother and friend.

that's the update. that's where i am at. personal reflection is truly a good thing...and so is the delicious food that is cooking in my crockpot!

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