Sunday, January 11, 2009

"You Want Some Potatoes?" (or..."Why Can't I Watch My Shows??")

I am doing some work in the basement on our computer and I thought I could watch a few shows that were recorded this past week (my "Trash TV"...y'know...a Dr. Phil episode, Grey's, Private Practice...some Intervention episodes...). Well, Hubs was defragging the computer (I always have to sing the FraggleRock theme song whenever he does this..ha ha) and I could not get the remote to access the Media Center. Here is how our conversation goes:

"Why Can't I Watch My Shows??" I hollar up to him.
"You Want Some Potatoes?" he replies (he is making dinner - yeah! Go Hubs!) (I instantly think of Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman": "It was so good I nearly peed my pants," she says. As the elderly woman's eyes pop wide-open, Richard Gere tells her "She said it was better than 'Pirates of Penzance"...)
"Ummm, no, I WANT TO WATCH MY SHOWS!" I hollar just a bit louder. This gets him to come down the stairs...
"Is it still defragging?" he says.
"Nope. All done..."down at FraggleRock!" I sing.
"Well, have you rebooted? That is like the first thing you do when a computer won't do something you want it to do, right?!" he says, with an accompanying eyeroll.
"Really? REALLY?! Careful there Geek-Squad or I'll reboot YOU!" is my answer.

Seriously, he is a DataBase Adminstrator (aka My Computer Geek), so I thought maybe there was something else to why it was not working.

Deep breath.

The rebooting worked.

Okay, fine He Was Right.

This One Time.

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